Local IT job description

By 2023, NetVAS has deployed, operated, and managed services for most of the green energy corporations headquartered in Vietnam. Now, NetVAS is confident in its level of expertise, experience, and proficiency in this field.

NetVAS IT Services professional qualifications:

Experience & background

  • IT technician background and/or systems engineer
  • Experience in IT help desk, IT Services and end-user support (including support to executives)
  • Support workstations, printers, mobile phones, scanners and other IT equipment
  • Experience in energy or industrial organizations


  • Fluency in Vietnamese and in English.
  • Computers, network, hardware and structured cabling
  • Help desk
  • Software – hardware installation
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of computer equipment


  • MS Office applications (Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
  • Windows Autopilot / Microsoft Intune
  • Teams Meeting Room (MTR) equipment
  • ITSM tools

Typical customers of NetVAS

SkyX Solar



Gọi số hotline 24/7

0909 845 977

Main activities:

Subsidiary’s IT help desk

  • Assist with all technological requirements, connectivity, upgrades and other technological requirements, with a scope limited to front-end assistance or help desk support that enables and its employees to fully comply with the development of its operations and corporate purpose, following Group’s guidelines particularly:
  • Install and configure the technology to be used (computer equipment, operating systems, software and applications)
  • Carry out periodic maintenance of equipment.
  • Providing technological assistance to employees.
  • Detect system and application malfunctions.
  • Diagnose hardware and software malfunctions.
  • Implement and/or execute solutions to problems identified or reported.
  • Pass on faults and/or breakdowns to the relevant support services.
  • Replace damaged or defective parts of the equipment if necessary.
  • Order new parts when missing or required.
  • Prepare reports on the status equipment and systems.
  • Implement and guide the various teams in the execution of new applications or operating systems implemented
  • Set up profiles, email and access for new recruits and provide password support.

System / Collaboration Tools (M365) / Network:

  • With Microsoft Azure Tools’ delegations, ensure the Active Directory management, with administrator rights granted on the workstations and servers
  • With Office 365 delegations, manage tools mailboxes, permission rights, distribution groups, security groups, Teams channels, Sharepoint sites, OneDrive sites…
  • Create user accounts in the IT system and manage their applicative access rights
  • Take responsibility for the subsidiary IT link and for the network equipment : act as a local technician by taking care of network equipment, and be ready to make physical actions on it in response to Headquarter IT team’s needs
  • Manage the IT room, but also the IT equipment, by ordering, receiving, and install equipment on site (accessories, desktops, laptops…) if exist in the subsidiary
  • Ensure the right usage and the respect of the IT security rules

Incidents and crisis:

  • Apply the classical declaration process of incidents via the Headquarter ITSM tool, and manage incidents tickets with visibility on all tickets of the subsidiary, user support
  • Prioritize tickets besides our Headquarter Quality of Service team in dedicated Teams channel
  • Crisis management process : Coordinate the crisis unit in case of IT crisis and contact the on-call duty system for any major incident that requires it


  • Ensure the coordination and management of IT/OT security operational processes
  • Define and develops the IT security policies and standards, carry with employees and monitor its application
  • Ensure the inclusion of IT security in projects, the development, implementation and maintenance of IT and educate all staff to IT security issues
  • Contribute to IT compliance with regulations, provides monitoring and management of IT security incidents.